i have a pretty good start on this but it will have towait ill I get back. I just need to order a bridge pickup.

    Kenny Williams hails from South Florida and has been playing music since the age of 15. With his  searing   guitar licks and pleasing vocals, he always wow's  a crowd. A Nashville recording artist who recorded his own album in Nashville in the late 90's and gained some modest success and touring deals. For the moment, Kenny has been working as a solo act and  promoting his new album "Good Time Man" (Available on ITunes, CD Baby)                                                  Kenny has been in the studio and shared the stage with several acts across the country as a guitarist or headliner including, Lee Brice, Keith Anderson, Hank Thompson, James Otto, The Drew Davis Band, Justin Haigh, Charles Allen, The Bama Band and Al Hurricane  just to name a  few.                                                       Kenny is a great crowd pleaser.  Make sure to catch one of his shows. With his electrified  guitar, wide song selection and great vocals, you wont be disappointed. 




             Well August is on us. Wow, July really flew by. Hope everyone is well and dealing with the heat. Nothing new to speak of here. Getting ready to leave for Maine other than that there's not much going on for the moment. I'll try to post some pics while I'm there. In the mean time, thanks again everyone for the continuous support. Hope to see you befoe I go.